Three reasons to spend more on your light bulbs at the supermarket

You don’t think much about your light bulbs until the burn out, and you have to replace them. Unlike cars, television sets, or even refrigerators, light bulbs have pretty much had the same look, shape and characteristics for decades.

Now when you go to the store you are faced with increasing amount of choices. But if you don’t know the differences between the types of light bulbs available you might just opt for the cheapest one.

Cheap is not good

The average incandescent light costs about 70 cents while an LED starts at about $10. Based on the price alone, the logical choice would be to go with the incandescent version. Looking the big picture however, LED light bulbs are well worth those extra dollars for your home, your wallet and your time.

First off what are LEDs?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These are solid light bulbs, that come with a variety of options from a “cool” white light for spaces like offices, to “warm: light for accent or small area lighting. You already probably use LEDs if you are familiar with LED television sets and computers.

Here are three reasons why you should spend the extra dollars on your light bulb next time one blows out.

  1. Incandescent light bulbs waste electricity

When you flip on a light switch, 80% of the energy in lighting up an incandescent bulb will go towards heat, and only 20% will be used in light. With LEDs the reverse is true, 80% will go towards heating providing light, while only 20% will go towards heat. This is where the bulk of your energy savings comes from.

Switching to LEDs could save you 20-80% of the cost of lighting up your home or business.

  1. LEDs cost less over time

While the incandescent may cost less upfront, the electricity used over the life time of the bulb can be 10 times the cost.…
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